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Our Services

Digital Strategy

- Target audience segmentation and analysis

- Strategic goal setting based on market insights

- Performance metrics tracking and analysis

- Continuous optimization and adaptation based on data

Influencer Relations

- Management of communication with carefully selected influencers

- Monitoring influencer impact on brand perception and sales

- Negotiation tactics for securing mutually beneficial partnerships

- Performance tracking for influencer campaigns

Content Creation

- Strategic creation of content

- Short form videos & photography

- Research and trend analysis for content relevance

- Customized content for different platforms and audience segments

Art Direction

- Mood board creation for visual direction alignment

- Collaboration with design and creative teams for cohesive brand visuals

- Trend analysis for staying current with visual design trends

Consultations & Rebranding

- One-on-One consultation calls

- Our team answers all your questions

- Incorporation of feedback and market trends into rebranding

- Collaborative brainstorming sessions for innovative solutions

Batch Content

- Creation of batch content to use at any time

- Content repurposing strategies for maximizing reach

- Quality control processes for maintaining content consistency

Social Media Training

- One-on-One training for company team

- Allows for consistency throughout the brand image

- Trend forecasting for staying ahead in social media trends

Wedding Content Creation

- Mood board created to capture the candid moments of your big day

- Emotional storytelling techniques for capturing special moments

- All raw footage delivered the same day

- Hourly time slots tailored to all wedding events

- Post-production editing and enhancement for polished final deliverables


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