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About Us

Meet the Founders

Hi, so nice to e-meet you!


We, Ariana Urgolo and Erica Harroch, are the founders of The Digital Diary. We started out as close friends with similar interests, and our shared entrepreneurial spirit naturally led us to create The Digital Diary.


Since we launched The Digital Diary in 2023, our team has organized numerous shoots and has been a source of inspiration for countless individuals looking to pursue their creative passions through digital content. Our approach combines storytelling with cutting-edge digital media techniques, aiming to set a new standard in our industry.


Our journey from best friends to business partners has reinforced our strong bond and shared vision. Moving forward, we are dedicated to continuing our innovation and growing our company. We're passionate about empowering businesses so they can become the main characters of their industry's story.

Let's talk soon!

- A & E
Founders of The Digital Diary

Why Us?

What really makes us different is the way we treat our clients - like friends. We'll be your trusted confidante in the world of digital marketing, offering expert advice, innovative strategies, and top-tier creativity to help you stand out and thrive. So come, pen your success story with The Digital Diary and let's make you the protagonist in your industry's narrative.

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